If you want something right you have to do it yourself.

Or if you can’t join them beat them. -Method Man, Wu Tang.

After the long fight with the NYC I gave up and changed the path, and so far I have no regrets.

I now own, with my Partner Angelica Popolano, New York City’s only indoor Skatepark.

Photo by  Nick Rizzi/www.DNAINFO.com

Staten Island was the only borough in NYC without a skatepark.

Crazy to hear that right? We didn’t have a skatepark for over a year!

Well we had a public skatepark named after a BMX rider who passed away named Benjamin Soto.

It took 6 Years to get the city to build it. The Benjamin Soto skatepark opened April 1 2005, and the city Bulldozed it April 25, 2010.

 It took us 9 Months with finding the location, starting the corporation, getting insurance, and helping our crazy Landlord clean out the 6500 square foot space which is now 5050 Skatepark.
So if you are in NYC come check it out!
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