Save Lake Perris BMX Track

I don’t have all the info but here is what I can tell you.

Late Friday I received an email from our site. Michelle left a  comment that said:


Here is the link to the Facebook page and here is what was said on it

  • yesterday we showed to the track to find our gates locked and a posting that the Riverside county had seized the property for taxes owed (5315.00) by the past TO, When i took over the track in September it was to cost 36 thousand, I am now in 90 thousand dollars worth of debt from unpaid bills to ABA, Fair, other taxes, etc. i have given everything i have and all I want is the track to be there for the riders. all funds raised will be used to pay taxes off and any remaining will be used to pay the old TO’s past arrears to ABA and the Fair.

    below you will find a link to a paypal account created for anyone that wants to help.


I guess email her if you have any questions @

We tried and she did not respond yet.

Thanks Ed Pollio






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2 Responses to “Save Lake Perris BMX Track”

  1. Hi this is Michelle:)
    Thank you so much for answering so quickly! I didn’t realize I had gotten an email or I would have responded earlier this evening.
    I have e-mailed Ed back about the details of what is happening at the track…(very short version)
    old owner had a lot of past debt, new owner took over the track believing that the amount she was told was owed was correct. Since then she has taken on 3X the original amount of debt on the track. Wednesday night everyone showed up to race and they were locked out because back taxes due by the old owner were not paid. She literally called and begged the county to let her stay open over the weekend to raise the money and they said NO! :( So we are all trying to bring all BMX’RS together to help save the lake perris bmx track:)

    Thank you so much for your help! <3

  2. Thanks to the help of all the bmx riders, parents and the generous donations the past owner tax bill has been paid and LAKE PERRIS BMX is now open!:)

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