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Phoenix, Arizona, 6-6-11 –  The Bike, Blade and Board Coalition is stoked to announce that the City of Phoenix has decided to build its first public bikepark!  The bikepark will be concrete and will be located at 67th Avenue and Encanto Blvd at Desert West Park, just across the parking lot from Arizona’s first public concrete skatepark.Phoenix has four skateparks already, none of which allow bicycles.  Back in August of 2010, the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation announced  they would be making a donation of $50,000 and in-kind ramps to Phoenix for the construction of a fifth skatepark.  A stipulation in the foundation’s contract with the city stated that bicycles were not to be allowed in the new skatepark under any circumstances, or Phoenix would not get their money.

Although the 3BC made efforts to get bikes allowed in Phoenix skateparks starting in early 2004,  the city council completely blew us off. Advocacy for equitable treatment for Phoenix bmx riders tapered off due to lack of rider support.

Starting in September of 2010, however, an effort was re-kindled to pressure Phoenix to allow bikes in the planned Dyrdek skatepark.  This culminated in The Great DC Shoe Burn, in which 65-75 BMX riders gathered at the site of the planned skatepark to burn shoes, banners and clothing made by DC Shoes.   The burn was held in protest of DC’s support of the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation’s unconscionable stance against kids who ride bikes in skateparks built partially with funds donated by the foundation, but mostly funded by taxpayer dollars.

In addition to holding The Great DC Shoe Burn, The 3BC also attended a Phoenix Parks and Recreation Board meeting, a Phoenix City Council meeting, and met with Phoenix City Councilman Nowakowski.

Special thanks go to Josh Small, who stepped up as a Phoenix bmx-riding resident and helped lead the effort. Special thanks also go to Heidi Lemmon for coming all the way from California to help with The Great DC Shoe Burn, securing a large donation of replacement shoes from Adio, and for attending a Phoenix City Council meeting.  Special thanks also go to Adio and Kore Bicycles, the sponsors of The Great DC Shoe Burn.  They supported the cause of the Phoenix bmx riders when many bmx companies, even “hardcore” ones, wouldn’t.  Thanks also go out to all the bmx riders, parents and supporters who attended The Great DC Shoe Burn.  Without their efforts, Phoenix wouldn’t be getting a new bikepark.

The 3BC recently met with Phoenix Parks and Recreation officials at Desert West Park.  We recommended that the city use Wally Hollyday’s skatepark design and build company to both design and build the new bikepark, due to their experience in designing and building amazing concrete skateparks with no bias against bike riders, unlike most U.S. skatepark designers and builders.

The skatepark is generally planned to contain mostly street elements, but community input meetings will be held in which Phoenix BMX riders can give their input on what they’d like to see in the new bikepark.

Dates for the community input meetings and updates on the progress of Phoenix’s first bikepark will be posted on and on The 3BC’s Facebook page at




The Bike, Blade and Board Coalition (The 3BC) advocates for the interests
of bmx riders, skateboarders and inline skaters throughout Arizona.
Through our strategies and support from hundreds of bmx riders,
skateboarders, inline skaters, parents and supporters, we have obtained 20
bike-friendly skateparks in Arizona since The 3BC was formed in 2003.  We
are experts on the issue of bicycles in skateparks and we get results.

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