Ramp Rats Skatepark Has a New Website!

Mike Kranich is a real BMX legend. Let’s just say there are lots of stories…unreal stuff. Double tailwhips, running tailwhips, blasting huge airs, winning the first Meet the Street Comp, falling 25 feet off China Banks and then walking away…everyone up here in Norcal knows and respects Mike.

In the early 2000s, Mike opened Ramp Rats Skatepark in Petaluma, CA. And today, they launched a new website:Check out their new site at www.norcalramprat.com.

Although the design of the park favors BMX, it is an inclusive park, welcoming skateboarders and inline skaters. There’s also a pro shop with top of the line stuff and the best prices around.

Here is a word from Mike:

I started Ramp Rats because it was a dream since I was 15 years old. I actually built Ramps in an abandoned warehouse down the street for a few years in High School and knew then what I was here for. I run a relaxed clean fun indoor ramp park.

At Ramp Rats we are all about riding/skating for FUN with no attitudes. Everybody that comes here has respect and is courteous and Parents and kids alike always comment on the “positive energy” they feel the moment they walk through the door. We have already gained world wide recognition and have been on TV, in Magazines and all over the Internet. So if you are serious about having fun come to Ramp Rats.


Ramp Rats is currently the only indoor skatepark left in California, and it’s deserves our support. Visit their website at www.norcalramprats.com.

Here are some videos clips featuring Ramp Rats:

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